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Posted @withregram • @azaliasuhaimi A while back, I chanced upon this Facebook p…

Posted @withregram • @azaliasuhaimi A while back, I chanced upon this Facebook post of a young mother showing the reality of mum life – a messy, chaotic house. This didn’t surprise me. What surprised me was the slew of comments that followed.

“Akak ada anak 5 orang, tapi rumah tak pernah macam ni.” (I have 5 kids, but my home has never looked this way.)
“Tak reti ajar anak ke?” (Don’t you teach your kids?)
“Kalau saya ada anak ramai pun, saya takkan biar rumah macam ni.” (If I were to have many children, I wouldn’t allow my home to look like this.)

And a bunch more along those lines. And these comments saddened me. Because they mostly came from mothers themselves. What I saw in the photo… More


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