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Parenting tips Tag your partner! Posted @withregram • @healthiest_baby Ducking …

Parenting tips✨ Tag your partner!

Posted @withregram • @healthiest_baby Ducking out doesn’t help a youngster manage and cope with separation.⁣

When your baby doesn’t want you to go, she may cry and scream and refuse to let go of you. You’re probably wondering whether you’re doing something wrong or feel conflicted and guilty about leaving. ⁣

But separation anxiety is a completely normal developmental milestone. It means your baby or toddler really really REALLY loves and adores you. ⁣

But unfortunately, while sneaking out may avoid a scene, it tends to escalate meltdowns down the road. Sneaking out may cause anxiety and distrust—-which is not at all what you intended. ⁣

So, instead of sneaking out . . .TRY THIS:⁣

✔️ DO THIS: ⁣
Name your child’s feelings and let them know it’s ok. “Aww, sweetie, you’re sad mommy is going to work. I get it.” ⁣

Give your toddler something to look forward to. “What book do you want to read when mommy gets home?” ⁣

Next comes your bye-bye ritual (kiss-hug-nose-rub). ⁣

Then it’s time to leave…⁣
That’s how you build trust and make leaving easier down the road (way down the road, it won’t improve overnight)!⁣


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