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Great info for parents Posted @withregram • @healthiest_baby While the tears ma…

Great info for parents💙

Posted @withregram • @healthiest_baby While the tears may be fake, the feelings are not. When your newborn cried, you wouldn’t even dream of not responding to her. You knew she needed you and although it was the middle of the night and you’d already been up 5 times, you’d race to the room to comfort her. ⁣

Fake crying is also a cry for help. ⁣

Fake crying is really just a toddler acting his age. ⁣

Toddlers don’t say, “Mom, I’m having a REALLY bad day.” ⁣They whine, fake cry, ask to be picked up, stomp their feet, ask to read the book again… ⁣Your child needs something and doesn’t know more effective ways to ask for it. This is something you can teach your child at another time. ⁣

But in the meantime, giving your child a moment of undivided attention, will say, “I care. I love you. Your feelings matter.” Your toddler will feel heard, understood, and loved. ⁣

Depending on the situation, you may also hold limits. You can acknowledge feelings without being permissive. ⁣


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