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Little Boo Bag


Woohoo! Little Boo Bag is here for your upcoming baby. This bag is perfect preparation for expecting moms.

Our Little Boo Bag is the complete baby essential not just at hospital, but also at home!

We have 4 sets of Little Boo Bag with various design. Just choose the set that you love according to your baby’s gender.


This product is currently out of stock and unavailable.

What’s in the bag?

~ Basic ToT Swaddle with Hat (1x)

~ Eyelet ToT Swaddle with Hat (1x)

~ New Born Hat (2x)

~ Romper (2x)

~ Jumper Size S (1x)

~ 5 Days Kit (1x)

~ Hush Hush Baby Balm (1x)

~ Baby Compressed Ball (Tungku Bayi) (1x)

~ Baby Oil (1x)

BONUS! Free gift includes:

Travelling Bag, Newborn Diapers (3x), Diaper Plastic Case Set & Mittens.



Bananana (Boy/Uni), Gimme S'mores (Boy/Uni), Peach-purfect (Girl), Nuts Bout You (Uni)


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