Tungku Bayi

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  • Baby Compress Ball (Tuam Bayi)

    RELAXING BABY COMPRESS BALL WITH CASE To avoid babies from getting colic, gives warm comfort especially after bath. Prevent babies from getting flu and cough. Reduce the risk of Hernia. For hygiene purposes, this Compress Ball comes with a transparent case to ensure compress ball is always kept clean and dirt-free. This compress ball is also vacuum packed to avoid the growth of bacteria from within, and keep all herbs fresh! INGREDIENTS : Habbatussauda (Black Cumin), Bettel Leaf, Fennel, Fenugreek, Black Pepper & Other Selected Herbs. HOW TO USE : ✅ Heat it in the Oven for 30 seconds ✅ Heat it on the iron for 1 minute ✅ Heat on Mommy's Compress Ball (just press against Mommy's Compress Ball / Tungku white its hot **THE PRODUCT'S DESIGN WILL BE RANDOM, PLEASE STATE ON THE NOTE AT THE CART WHETHER BOY / GIRL / UNIVERSAL DESIGN**
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