Must-Have Essential

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  • Baby Oil

    Unscented, Purely Original Oil for Babies. From top to toe. With REAL Calendula Petals!
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  • Hush Hush Baby Balm

    Heyya Mommy!!! Here is our MUST-HAVE ITEMS for your baby and we called it HUSH HUSH BABY BALM. It is SUPER SAFE because its contain with organic ingredients ONLY. Can be use throughout the day! Certified Organic ingredients : 1) Olive Oil 2) Lavender Oil 3) Roman Chamomile Oil 4) Orange Oil 5) Beeswaxx 6) Vitamin E
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  • La La Land

    Relaxing foot soak, with epsom salt and a pinch of Lavendar buds, Rose Petals and Geranium. Smells soo good, you’ll go into La La Land!
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  • No More Drama

    NO MORE Breastfeeding Drama with our all new Nursing Balm! Nursing Balm is to reduce swelling or pain during that dramatic breastfeeding moment. Apply it, and no more drama, Mommy!
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  • The Waterfall

    Need more milk production? Introducing -The Waterfall! Roll-on Milk Booster. Just roll on, massage and let that milk flow. We named it The Waterfall to boost up Mommies spirit and imagine Milk rushing down like The Waterfall.
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