Posted @withregram • @healthiest_baby Isn’t it amazing how much your little ange…

Posted @withregram • @healthiest_baby Isn’t it amazing how much your little angel has grown and developed since birth?⁣

Two-month olds are such sweet little creatures. Let’s talk about some general principles on how to naturally encourage them. ⁣

🧭 Remember, you don’t need to teach your baby—-but rather, think in terms of guiding them. ⁣

🚗 You can move away from black and white and focus on bright primary colours. ⁣

⏰ Provide plenty of free time for your baby to move his body freely and explore his world. A comfortable, warm, place on the floor is ideal. Think about the world from your baby’s perspective and provide bright interesting views. ⁣

↻ Encourage your baby to look in all directions to avoid flat head. ⁣

👧 Your face close-up is one of the best ways to make your baby happy. ⁣

👄 There are several ways to talk to your baby. Talking close up will inspire smiles. You can also talk throughout the day and act like a tour guide. But don’t forget to also talk WITH your baby. Give her space to respond to you and enjoy the give and take of a conversation. ⁣

🚰 Explore sounds and feels in the home. Observe and be guided by your baby’s reactions. ⁣


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