Posted @withregram • @healthiest_baby At Jamie’s 15-month well-baby visit, he wa…

Posted @withregram • @healthiest_baby At Jamie’s 15-month well-baby visit, he was only using 1 word. His development was otherwise normal including a normal hearing test. At 18-months, with some tweaks, his speech took off and he was using more than 20 words. ⁣Maybe it was the tweaks, maybe not— but either way, it’s nice to have strategies to work on things. ⁣

Here are tips and tricks to help your baby learn new words:⁣

☆ Use a high-pitched voice⁣
☆ Use real words in day-to-day speech⁣
☆ Don’t pressure your kids to talk with “say — “⁣
☆ Skip the flashcards and use everyday objects in your environment to introduce new words⁣
☆ Avoid asking your child endless questions. Instead, ask a question but follow-up with a comment. ⁣
☆ Grab your child’s attention by talking using exaggerated tones of voice⁣
☆ Read the same book repeatedly⁣
☆ Keep it fun!⁣
☆Use a sing-song tone of voice⁣
☆ Be dramatic. . . use gestures ⁣
☆ Use repetition. Say the same word several times “Where’s the dog? There’s the dog! The dog is chewing a bone”⁣

Realistically, a lot of these points are things we do naturally. But here’s one last tip that can make a big difference:⁣

☞ Turn off background noise. Don’t leave the TV or music playing in the background all day long. ⁣


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