Good afternoon Mommies? Anak happy tak bila letakkan mereka dalam car seat? Atau…

Good afternoon Mommies? Anak happy tak bila letakkan mereka dalam car seat? Atau belum letak je dah meragam?
Posted @withregram • @safeintheseat Here are my top tips to keep your kiddo happy in their seat:⁠

Did you know that improper fit is the most common reason why kids are unhappy in their seat? Harness fit adjustments must happen as your child grows so if you have a screamer on your hands, bust out that manual (or check out my course!) and triple check that the fit is spot on and the installation is correct. ⁠
Make sure those harness straps and buckles don’t jab your little one in the back or aren’t too cold/too hot from the outside temperature. Ensure lightweight clothes/layers that aren’t bunching anywhere making the seat not only unsafe but uncomfortable. ⠀⁠
Ensure your language about the car seat/riding in the car is positive from the start. Try short rides and build up their tolerance (age-dependent). Make the ride happy and fun with music or car seat safe toys (designate toys just for use in the car to make them special). ⠀⁠
Too hot is more common than too cold. Thin layers. Consider using @nogglenation to direct air where it needs to go. Check that the sun isn’t shining right in their eyes too and use a car seat safe sunshade if needed. ⠀⁠
Music can build that positive association by making rides fun. It can also help as a tool to prep your little one to get in the car (try a special “getting in the car seat song”) and keep them calm and entertained on the ride. Hearing your voice can also be comforting. Baby shark anyone?! ⠀⁠
Reflux, gas, tummy aches can all happen to anyone who is put in a moving vehicle within minutes of eating. Time meals and get gas bubbles out before hitting the road.⠀⁠
This typically starts right around 6-9 months. Implement those positive association techniques. This is a time when a car seat mirror may come in handy as much for baby to see you as you to see them. Hearing your voice helps a lot too! And, sometimes just an extra-long snuggle before getting in the car seat can work wonders–for both of you!


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